The company Kollios was established at Metamorphosi, Athens Greece in 1976. We grew our resources in 1985, establishing a new plant at the Industrial zone of Oinofyta - Schimatari at 20 acres of land. Our new head offices are transferred at 8 acres of land at Daskalogianni & Nafpliou at Metamorphosi Greece.

A sample of our product range includes iron B500C, cloak at any length with a single piece fastener from 0.80 m. upto 15 m., single piece anti-earthquake strips (robot) and structural grid. We also take on the construction and placement of the iron.

Our full equipment includes :

Automatic machinery for iron cutting and shaping.

Construction machinery for single-piece anti-earthquake strips (robots) from F8 to f16 in B500C.

Automatic strip gluer from F8 to F16 per 3 to 30.

3 trucks.

3 trucks with lifting machinery and lifting up to 6 th and 7 th slab building.

Five truck.

Ioannis Kollios has a patent pending for his design and construction for the first time in Greece the Cloak. The Cloak is one of the most important new developments in iron mongering, changing anti-earthquake capabilities and speeding up building speeds and installation.